Blueberry Kush


BlueBerry Kush Review

What’s up everybody its Jimmy Jam the back again with another review and today’s review is gonna be on blueberry Kush by DANK vapes, but before I get into that guy, boom and THC content is running in at ninety point one five percent THC and I do got new boxes . I got the key lime pie right here check it out. Also got some orange chai boom those also are on the way. I know I got rose gold and Girl Scout cookies .

I just reviewed um a jade pod and a few other carts those are on the way or those have already been posted. I’m gonna be using a vape mod, so Strawberry Kush that one’s on the way as well. I do got some new boxes of the watermelon. Here’s this one and then I got the new box right here so let me know what you guys want on that also.


The wedding cake I got rid of the old box and have the new one so shout out to Jerry Tapia on IG go and check out his music and I am gonna be using a vape mod pipe 7/10 so yeah let’s get into the review so without further ado this is blueberry Kush carts and I will read the back for you guys real quick. So we have blueberry Kush. Blueberry Kush is a strong indication that slowly brings on a heavy body sensation helping patients. Originally from Oregon,  this strain is a hybrid of blueberry and OG Kush. This is evident in its fresh berry aroma. This  Indica is best for evenings or before bed. I’m doing this just at the right time then my right so let’s get it.  So without further ado, the easiest way to open these DANK face is from the bottom.


Like I said,  the THC content and this is running at ninety point one five percent THC DANK vapes. I think was made by Dank woods in California and they’re based in California as well. They always use a C cell cartridge and the new boxes obviously have little berries. If it is watermelon then it is I have the watermelons all the brown dates. I did have a fake watermelon. I reviewed a fake watermelon and the taste of watermelon was just insane; it was crazy. These ones you can’t even smell it through the box like you could fake one. So yeah but let’s go guys let’s get into the review.


Like I said I’m gonna be using a pipe 710. So the pipe 710 we’ve open it comes with a little thread and AC cell cartridge as well this is a half gram dank. We are gonna go ahead and pop off that little collar to get our little thing right. Like I said the best way to open these dink baits is from the bottom. I will show you the packaging really fast, then cartridge with a white background. Here is the information for the blueberry Kush.  They claim to be all organic and use no propylene glycol; propylene glycol I believe a pesticide break. So, we are going to go into it right away. I’m thinking that clean the concentrate so here is the oil up against a white background


So there you guy, this is a blueberry Kush.  So let’s try to hit the cartridge just to see if there are any prominent flavors. If I could taste any blueberries take off the little cartridge. I know you guys really can’t see it probably in this picture,  um but,  if you focus it or if you look and the bottom there is a little ring the fake ones had like a white ring and the real DANK vapes have a clear trend. They’re good,  I like them you know.

I’ve noticed that but yeah. Anyway without further ado,  like I said this was blueberry kush carts. The taste on this was excellent um,  let me see,  give it again so taste, I give this uh an 8 to a 10 on taste the cartridge hits. it’s a seesaw cartridge so I will give it a 10 on that every see saw DANK vape that I’ve hit rips, yeah so I love smoking out of seeing saw cartridges yeah.